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Sports Injuries

Sports are great…an unfortunate side effect of playing them are sports injuries…they’re not so great.

Everyone that loves their sport or activity hates being injured and wants to get back to what they enjoy as soon as possible. Conveniently, we want to help them do the same!

Our background in elite performance and Premier League football means we have the experience and knowledge to accurately diagnose, treat and get you back to fitness fast. In the unfortunate scenarios where surgery may be required, we can provide you valuable information on what’s best for you and recommend some of the best specialists in the country.

Whatever your sport or activity, there are a few key components to getting you back to it:

Whether you’ve torn a muscle, ligament or tendon, taken a wallop, or need post-surgical rehabilitation you can be assured that we will provide you with a full management strategy and time frames, along with full rehabilitation protocols.

We will not send you on your way with a ‘hopefully it will be ok’, ‘go and strengthen it up for a bit’, ‘see how it goes’, or without being confident that you’re ready – you will return to activity knowing that you are ready for it and we’ll be on hand to provide for any support you may want. 

What We Treat

If you wish to discuss your specific needs, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.
We have first-hand knowledge and experience of numerous sports and activities and understand the physical and technical demands of them, some of which are listed below.


How to heal sports injuries faster?

There’s a surprising amount we can do to speed up injury recovery, and this can start very early on. For example; soft tissue work, flushing of inflammation, early (safe) strengthening of the area or surrounding area can all start the recovery process quicker. Understanding the science of heat vs cold, pain relief and when to return (to avoid re injury) are further considerations too. Your body is unique therefore your injury is unique, and there’s too much information out there to know what’s best. So, getting your injury assessed early will help get you back to fitness as soon as possible; as that’s all we want for you too!

How can kyphosis cause injury in sport?

Yes, kyphosis when unaddressed can lead to strength and control issues and tightness for example. All these factors can lead to your neck, upper back and shoulders moving/controlling your upper body poorly. If you’re then asking your body to throw a ball, swing a club or press some weights, you may find pain soon follows. If your structures aren’t efficient or working as they should – ultimately your body is going to pay the price for this somewhere in the chain. Good news though – there’s lots than can be done to address the effects of kyphosis and reduce injury risk. 

How to recover from a sports injury?

Get a proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. It’s important to provide your body with all the tools to ensure full recovery, and to avoid the same thing happening again. The body is very good at compensating and adapting but unfortunately this can cause further abnormal loading and issues later down the line. 

How can age cause injury in sport?

There are factors that can lead to injury such as joint stiffness, mobility, reduced balance, that we know can deteriorate with age. However, age is truly not a limitation to any activity! The condition of your body is the limitation, and we can always improve how you are moving and loading. If your worried or unsure if you should be playing a sport or starting something new just get in touch! We can advise on what your body could benefit from in order to reduce the risk of any injuries, or how to manage any problems you may already have, such as Osteoarthritis.

How to avoid sports injuries?

Preventative care and education is something we pride ourselves on. Its entirely possible to change your training, management, lifestyle etc to reduce the risk of sports injuries. Self-management strategies and strength and conditioning tailored to you and your sport are key to avoiding sports injuries where possible. We can provide a sport MOT for example, to ensure your body doesn’t have any weaknesses/tightness’s/biomechanical issues that could make you more likely to injure. Then we can prescribe exercises, mobility and more, to keep you injury free!

Is sports massage good for a sports injury?

It can be, but more specific focused treatment is usually the best scenario for the early stage of an injury. So, a physio assessment followed by direct hands-on treatment is great for sport’s injuries. This can be coupled with sports massage or we can advise based on your injury what the nest time of treatment will be. Everyone is unique and we ensure to never give generic treatment – it will be tailored to you/your anatomy and your sport.

Can physiotherapists treat sports injuries?

Absolutely. Whether it’s a torn ligament, tendon or muscle, you’ve taken a knock or need post-surgical rehab, you can be assured we can manage, treat and rehabilitate you back to any sport. We have a background in elite performance and premier league football so have great knowledge to get you back to fitness safely as fast as possible.