Muay Thai

Intense physical contact and high-impact manoeuvres are common in the fighting sport of Muay Thai, which can lead to a number of injuries.

What We Treat

The following list of typical ailments suffered by Muay Thai athletes and how physiotherapy can treat them:

Bruises and contusions:
These can result from the striking techniques used in Muay Thai, including punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. Through techniques including heat therapy, soft tissue mobilisation, and therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy can aid in controlling pain, decreasing inflammation, and promoting recovery.

Sprains and Strains:
Muay Thai is known for its dynamic movements and swift changes in direction, which frequently result in strained muscles and sprained ligaments. By offering the right exercises to regain the damaged area’s strength, flexibility, and stability, physiotherapy can help with the rehabilitation process. To support the injured tissues and speed up healing- manual treatment such as deep soft tissue massage and mobilisations may be offered also.


The force of blows or blocks can cause fractures in the hands, feet, ribs, or other parts of the body. Exercises to maintain strength and range of motion in unaffected regions are provided by physiotherapists, which also helps with the gradual return to training and competition after the proper medical intervention. Treatment and rehabilitation can be done to the affected region, once the bone has heled – as likely there is scar tissue, stiffness and weakness.

Shoulder Injuries:
Muay Thai tactics frequently entail delivering strong punches and performing clinch techniques, which can place a great deal of strain on the shoulders. By giving exercises to increase stability, strength, and range of motion, physical therapy can aid in the management of shoulder injuries. To treat muscular imbalances and alleviate pain, manual therapy procedures including joint mobilisations and soft tissue release may be performed.


Knee Injuries:
Knee hits and kicks used in Muay Thai can cause ligament sprains or meniscus tears in the knee. Manual treatment will be key to remove pain, increase healing and aid recovery. Through specific exercises to increase strength, stability, and proprioception, physiotherapy can help with the recovery of knee problems. Muay Thai-specific functional movements and balance exercises can support a safe return to training and competition.


How We Can Help!

For Muay Thai competitors, treatment focuses on injury management, rehabilitation, and injury avoidance. 

Athletes can be guided through exercises and strategies to promote healing, improve performance, and reduce the risk of further injuries by physiotherapists, who can also examine movement patterns, offer customised treatment programmes, and provide these services. We might also provide guidance on safe training methods, warm-up exercises, safety gear, and Muay Thai-specific injury avoidance tactics.

Achieve Health aids Muay Thai competitors in recovering, enhancing their physical condition, and maximising their performance by treating injuries quickly and comprehensively.