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“Look after your staff, and they will look after your business” 
– Richard Branson

Interestingly, whether you spend all day sat at a desk or all day lifting, carrying, crouching and generally performing all manner of physical tasks, the incidence of work related pain and injury are not dissimilar across all types of employment.

Ideally prevention is the key, however, sometimes injury does occur. In these situations early intervention is key – recognition and appropriate action is essential in achieving timely injury resolution and return to work.

Alongside providing highly effective treatment and rehabilitation solutions for a speedy return to work, Achieve Physiotherapy can offer organisations a prevention strategy tailored to their specific needs:

If staff spend the majority of their time sat at a desk we can:
Complete workstation assessments, advise and show staff the most ergonomically sound sitting position(and produce a report for you detailing the information given and any action to be taken) Provide education regarding how posture and ergonomics affect the body – Understanding can be the key in gaining buy-in from staff.
For workplaces in which staff perform active and physically demanding jobs we can:
Undertake a work environment assessment; evaluating how employees undertake their required tasks, reviewing manual handling techniques and identifying potential causes of injury Advise on possible beneficial adjustments, manual handling changes and, if necessary, prescribe an exercise program to the individual’s ability to carry out their work. Provide a report detailing findings and actions to be taken. We do not believe that extremely expensive chairs are the order of the day; the correct workstation setup, some simple postural aids, some advice, education, and possibly a little treatment will nearly always produce a better result at a much more cost effective price.

How it can help

Occupational physiotherapy helps reduce absenteeism and save your business money.
The cost of absenteeism

The average cost of an employee being absent from work can  commonly cost employers between £100 and £350 per day.
Traditional vocational rehabilitation models utilise 3 month absence triggers, meaning it can be 3 months before an employee with an MSK injury receives treatment.
At a conservative estimate, the 3 month absence will cost the employer somewhere in the region of £6000, or £21,000 if the cost of the absent individual is at the higher end of the scale.

How much of a difference can early intervention make?

A simple example: 

Work related injury, untreated, leads to 8 weeks absence: Conservatively costing the employer c.£4000
The same injury, recognised early, treated 6 times leading to 4 weeks absence: 6 treatments = £240, 4 weeks absence = c.£2000, total cost = £2240 – saving £1760
The end result: an episode cost saving of nearly 45%, and an employee that feels looked after and valued.