Achieve Performance

Achieve Performance is a branch of the Achieve group which places focus on athletic and sport performance holistically.

We are the Experts.

A specialist service for all your performance needs

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Achieve Performance is so much more than just training. We follow evidence based, scientific approaches to help our clients reach their full potential within their given sporting codes.

Strength & Conditioning

Highly targeted, sport-specific S&C programs tailored to the specific needs of your sport to enhance athletic performance & increase resilience.

Endurance Coaching

Highly focused coaching to develop & enhance energy systems, muscular endurance & biomechanical efficiency.

Injury Rehabilitation

Access to leading sports physiotherapists with a proven record in producing results for elite & aspiring athletes.


Optimising the function of the foot, lower limb and body enhances performance and reduce injury risk. Utilising custom orthotics, movement education, strength & mobility work.

About Achieve Performance

Achieve Performance is the brain child of Rick Lovell (Founder of Achieve Health) and Brendan Lombard (an elite running & performance coach).

Rick is a specialist physiotherapist with over 17 years experience working with elite and aspiring athletes from multiple sports (football, rugby, athletics, golf, MMA, cycling to name a few). His own passion for performance coupled the desire to provide the best possible outcomes for clients has led him on a never ending journey of continual improvement, learning and knowledge acquisition. The resulting expertise in management of injury, treatment, rehabilitation, biomechanics, S&C and performance that helps Rick and his team achieve outstanding results, even when other interventions or approaches have failed

Brendan is a Sports Science graduate and current Elite Ultra Trail Runner. He has a keen sense for helping others achieve their sports related goals as well as provide a holistic insight into Strength & Conditioning, Endurance Coaching, Injury Rehabilitation and Biomechanics. With over 10 years of experience working within the space of Sports Science related areas he has a long timeline of success stories; helping elite athletes achieve monumental performances as well as the weekend warrior get through 100 mile Ultra’s. Brendan has worked with MMA fighters and boxers, football talents, golf pro’s and national level rugby players.

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