As a result of the strenuous nature of the sport and the huge loads involved, weightlifters are susceptible to a variety of ailments.

What We Treat

Following are some typical injuries that weightlifters could get and how physiotherapy might be beneficial:

Lower Back:
Lifting weights puts a lot of tension on the lower back, which can result in strained muscles. Exercises to strengthen the core muscles, increase spinal stability, and improve lifting mechanics are all things that physiotherapy may do to aid. To lessen discomfort and improve range of motion, manual therapy procedures including joint mobilisations and soft tissue release may be used.


Shoulder and Arm Injuries:
Heavy loads and overhead movements can cause injury to the shoulder complex. This can be as sudden as a tear, or over time/use of the shoulder – perhaps by training in the wrong position. By using exercises to strengthen the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles, enhance shoulder stability, and regain range of motion, physiotherapy can help in the recovery process. It is key to use modalities and manual therapy techniques to treat pain and inflammation to heal as well.
The wrist and elbow can also become injured through the repetitive grip and positions required in weightlifting. Physiotherapy can help by applying methods like soft tissue mobilisation and bracing to relieve discomfort and speed healing, as well as exercises to strengthen and increase the flexibility of the forearm/wrist muscles.


Knee Injuries:
Weightlifting motions that require squatting and jumping can result in patellar tendon overuse problems or tendonitis’s and tears. Treatment to heal and improve tissue structure is key. Foot position, hip and ankle mobility and glute strength can also be assessed to ensure the knee isn’t taking on too much of the load. Through eccentrically strengthening the knee extensor muscles, resolving biomechanical issues, and implementing suitable load control techniques, physical therapy can help manage patellar tendinopathy and injuries.


How We Can Help!

By offering thorough evaluation, treatment, and preventative techniques, Physiotherapy is essential in the management of weightlifting injuries. Individualised exercise programmes can be provided by physiotherapists to address particular muscle imbalances, mobility issues, and movement dysfunctions.

Additionally, we can impart knowledge on safe lifting practises, warm-up and cool-down routines, and injury prevention measures. Physiotherapy aids in maximising healing, lowering the risk of further injuries, and improving performance in the sport by swiftly treating injuries and closely collaborating with weightlifters. We likely can optimise your skillsets and get you lifting more weight in no time.