Birmingham Physiotherapy Clinics in Edgbaston, Kings Heath & Solihull with a background in Premier League Football, Elite Performance & Private Practice.

We expect to see a 40 – 50% improvement in your symptoms within 3 – 4 sessions.

We have exchanged knowledge with some of the foremost healthcare experts through our 20+ years of experience in professional football (Birmingham City FC), elite performance and private practice services.

Who We Are At Achieve Physiotherapy Birmingham

Over 20 years of experience in elite performance and private practice has gone into developing our multi-faceted hands-on treatment, rehabilitation and strengthening approach.

Our unique approach was developed in premier league football; if challenges with a player’s treatment or rehabilitation were encountered, we would seek out the foremost specialists & bring them in to help.

In doing this we were able to learn from a wide variety of professions and incorporate the most effective solutions into one holistic approach.

What We Treat

We take the time to listen and understand your individual needs and challenges and help create a solution to provide a full and lasting recovery.
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Back & Neck Pain

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Sports Injuries

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Bones & Joints

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Ante & Postnatal

Our Treatments:

Soft tissue massage & myofascial release

This encourages increased blood supply and nutrient delivery to affected tissues, stimulates recovery, improves scare tissue healing, relieves tension, restores mobility & helps to reduce pain.

Joint manipulation & adjustments

For both spinal & peripheral joints, this address restriction & limitations in normal joint mechanics, restores movement, reduces stiffness and facilitates desired joint function. Our therapists are multi-skilled & trained in chiropractic and osteopathic techniques.

Biomechanical Assessment

 In non-traumatic injuries there are underlying issues with movement patterns that can lead to increased stress on the body and, ultimately, to injury. It is essential to identify these to effect a full recovery.

The movement & function of the foot is integral to how we move. If our biomechanical assessment identifies issues with foot mechanics, we correct this with orthotic insoles.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy can be extremely beneficial to relieve pain and improve function. We specialise in corticosteroid injections for soft-tissue and joint pain, and Hyaluronic acid (Duralone) based injections which are amazing for arthritic joints

Strength & Conditioning

A tailored S&C program can significantly reduce your risk of injury. 

What we treat

What We Treat

Back Pain

Back & Neck Pain


Bones & Joints

sport injury

Sports Injuries


Occupational & Corporate

New Project 73



Ante & Postnatal



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Physiotherapy FAQs

Physiotherapy is the use of many treatments/inputs that help patients with a multitude of issues such as pain relief, healing and rehabilitation of injury, medical and surgical conditions.

Physiotherapy usually addresses pain/injury through methods such as; hands on treatment, massage, advice and education, exercise prescription, posture correction, joint manipulation, biomechanical and gait analysis and much more. 

No, we are medical professionals though, who are chartered, regulated and specialised within the world of musculoskeletal injury. Physiotherapists are also able to make referrals, send patients for scans and do injections, so often are the first port of call of muscle and joint pain rather than your GP for example.

The best bet would be clothing that allows our therapists to access or view your injury area, but that you feel comfortable in. Shorts and a vest can be good options or generally loose-fitting clothing.  

Our appointments are 30 mins or 1 hour. We often recommend an hour for the initial assessment but do get in touch and we can advice which will suit your situation best.

Absolutely, there’s so much that can be done! We appreciate there’s a lot of information (including misinformation) out there, so we find out what’s best for you, with your individual situation. We have great results utilising strategies such as biomechanical assessment, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, exercises and also education and advice surrounding options such as lifestyle changes, injections or supplementations.

There’s indeed a great deal that can be done and we pride ourselves in being able to provide relief to sciatica! We understand how painful and debilitating sciatica can be and we ensure to address all the aspects that can cause it to ensure you return to a pain free existence asap – and stay pain free!

Yes, it’s a hugely common area for issues and there’s lots we can do to help. We look at the neck from a holistic and multifaceted point of view to ensure we are treating you and your individual anatomy. We can assess and treat a host of issues; from nerve, postural, strength to spinal, and much more!

Absolutely – one of our most commonly seen pain and injury areas and one which causes such frustration and debilitation understandably. There is lot of misinformation out there regarding back pain so we ensure to treat you as an individual and look as every possible cause. The spine is hugely complex and relies on the interaction of muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, bone, cartilage and connective tissue to help it function correctly. The good news is; we can assess and direct treatment to all those areas to great success! You no longer need to suffer with your ‘bad back’ – there will be a solution!
Our prices vary slightly depending on the therapist you’re seeing and which service you require. Usual Physio Initial assessments are £45 for 30 mins or £80 for an hour. Follow up sessions are usually 30 mins, but do get in contact and we can see what service best suits your needs!
Do you want to live life pain and injury free? If so, yes; we’d love to be able to help! We take the time to listen and tailor to your individual needs and challenges to ensure a full and lasting recovery.