Achieve Physiotherapy in Edgbaston, Kings Heath & Solihull with a background in Premier League Football, Elite Performance & Private Practice.

We expect to see a 40 – 50% improvement in your symptoms within 3 – 4 sessions.

We have exchanged knowledge with some of the foremost healthcare experts through our 20+ years of experience in professional football (Birmingham City FC), elite performance and private practice services.

Who We Are At Achieve Physiotherapy

Over 20 years of experience in elite performance and private practice has gone into developing our multi-faceted hands-on treatment, rehabilitation and strengthening approach.

Our unique approach was developed in premier league football; if challenges with a player’s treatment or rehabilitation were encountered, we would seek out the foremost specialists & bring them in to help.

In doing this we were able to learn from a wide variety of professions and incorporate the most effective solutions into one holistic approach.

What We Treat

We take the time to listen and understand your individual needs and challenges and help create a solution to provide a full and lasting recovery.
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Back & Neck Pain

Arthritis 1


sports injuries 1

Sports Injuries

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Bones & Joints

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Ante & Postnatal

Our Treatments:

This encourages increased blood supply and nutrient delivery to affected tissues, stimulates recovery, improves scare tissue healing, relieves tension, restores mobility & helps to reduce pain.

For both spinal & peripheral joints, this address restriction & limitations in normal joint mechanics, restores movement, reduces stiffness and facilitates desired joint function. Our therapists are multi-skilled & trained in chiropractic and osteopathic techniques.

 In non-traumatic injuries there are underlying issues with movement patterns that can lead to increased stress on the body and, ultimately, to injury. It is essential to identify these to effect a full recovery.