Custom Orthotics and Biomechanics

Our state of the art 3D printed custom orthotics are a cutting edge solution that can have a profound effect of foot and lower limb pain and injury.

What Are Biomechanics?

Biomechanics, in this context, refers to the interaction between foot, knee, hip and lower back and the relationship between these joints that enables us to move effectively. The interaction between these joints or sections is often referred to as the kinetic chain.
Movement at any one segment along the kinetic chain will directly impact and affect the movement at other neighbouring joints or sections.
Pain, injury or dysfunction to any of these joints can therefore have a knock-on impact throughout the rest of the chain. Left untreated or unaddressed, this change in biomechanics will lead to secondary issues.
Therefore, healthy biomechanics are essential for promoting efficient and pain free movement; and reducing injury risk!
Following thorough evaluation we can often correct or address problematic foot biomechanics with the use of an orthotic, ensuring your chain/structure is as good as it can be from the ground up!

Examples of why your biomechanics can be problematic/need addressing

  • Inherent foot shape/structure
  • Previous injury
  • ​Arthritis
  • Previous surgery
  • Fusions
  • High arched feet (over-supination)​
  • Bunions (hallux valgus)​
  • ​Knee position
  • Alignment​
  • Leg length discrepancy​
  • ​Muscle imbalance and many more! (All of which we can assess)

What is a custom orthotic device?

A prescription orthotic is a specialised insole put into shoes, specifically designed for your individual needs, to alter or modify the movement of the foot to improve mechanical function. Custom orthotics are not used for everyone, but when prescribed for the right condition they can have a dramatic impact on pain/function and add value to your life. They can help ensure that the chain has a stable foundation, which then gives us a great platform to build from. Signs you may need a custom orthotic:
  • You have developed lower limb or back pain without a specific cause.
  • Foot Profile Concerns (pronated or supinated feet or bunions.)
  • You develop pain while exercising after a certain amount of time or distance.
  • Your pain is worse in certain types of footwear (usually flip flops or flat shoes).
  • You feel out of alignment.
  • You notice excessive wear on one side of your shoes or trainers.
  • Your pain feels worse bare foot.
  • You are noticing pain in more than one area.
  • Callouses are developing on areas of your feet.

What does the assessment involve?

Your therapist will start by taking a full and in-depth history of your injury (if you have one), activity and lifestyle factors, including the main pain points, the mechanism of injury, specifically how this is affecting your quality of life and much more. Then a full assessment will be carried out which will include a biomechanical and gait assessment, specific joint testing and a full body check. Then using a 3D digital scanner, an exact and highly detailed 3D render of the foot is produced. Combining the findings from our physical assessment with the 3D render of your foot, a fully bespoke orthotic is designed and engineered to your exact specifications.

3D Orthotics?

The best you can get! Our 3D printed orthotics offer a degree of customisation and individuality that's beyond anything available before!
Why 3D?

The 3D scan accuracy reduces any margin or error from previous mould techniques - so not only do they have a small margin of error but we can build in features specific to every individual.

The 3D bespoke printing allows for variation in density - which we can modify throughout the device in specific regions depending on weight and individual anatomy/issues. This means we can offload certain regions for example if needed.

This can all make a huge difference in injury prevention and movement correction.

Once we have your 3D prescription from the scan we can produce other devices such as flip flops and sliders. Not only that: they are customisable to your footwear so if you need them for your spikes, astros, high heels, weightlifting shoes etc – we’ve got you covered!

The icing on the cake – there is zero waste in production and they are manufactured using a biodegradable material making them a far greener choice of product. Plus they are waterproof, washable and last far longer than any previous orthotic type – tested to withstand 5 tonnes of pressure!