Achieve Health

Previously Achieve Physiotherapy, we now offer specialist health, wellness and fitness services in Birmingham, Solihull and Kings Heath.

We are the Experts.

A specialist service for all your healthcare needs

Award-winning specialists with extensive experience in elite performance and private practice, we have created a multi-faceted healthcare solution to optimise all aspects of your health and provide the fastest route to recovery. Our hands-on physiotherapy, tailored rehabilitation, arthritis, fitness, personal training, nutrition, psychological and Doctor led medical services are available without restrictions, no waiting times, and produce outstanding results.



Expert, highly effective physiotherapy treating & relieving all aspects of pain & injury


With a strong commitment to ongoing education and personalized treatment plans, we’re dedicated to improving your quality of life and relieving pain.

Sports Injuries

With a background in Premier League Football & Elite performance we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results.

Gym and Fitness

Exclusive Personal Training & Fully coached small group classes to build strength, improve fitness & manage weight.


Doctor led medical aesthetics to enhance natural beauty. Premium Fillers, Wrinkle Relaxers, Profhilo, Fat Dissolving Injections.


Achieve Performance is a branch of the Achieve group which places focus on athletic and sport performance holistically.

Mummy MOT

Getting ladies from post-natal back to fitness, checking for diastisis, lumbo-pelvic control, restoring normal function, scar tissue massage following C section and restarting exercise safely.

Orthotics & Biomechanics

Biomechanics, in this context, refers to the interaction between foot, knee, hip and lower back and the relationship between these joints that enables us to move effectively.


Doctor led medical aesthetics to enhance natural beauty. Premium Fillers Wrinkle Relaxers Profhilo Fat Dissolving Injections

Pregnancy Scanning

We work alongside Early Introductions to providing early pregnancy, gender, growth & reassurance scans using state of art 4D Ultrasound scanning equipment.

GP & Doctor Led Services

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How we work

A unique multi-faceted assessment & treatment approach developed and proven to produce out-of-the-ordinary results at the highest levels of performance, tailored to meet the needs of each individual we work with.

Through a comprehensive clinical assessment looking holistically at the whole body we determine the underlying cause of problems, not just treat the symptoms. With our team of health & medical experts we then create a bespoke program to ensure the best possible recovery from injury and long-term optimisation of health.