Strength & Conditioning

Sports-specific strength and conditioning refers to a specialised training approach that focuses on developing physical attributes and skills directly related to a particular sport.

What Is Strength & Conditioning?

It involves a combination of strength training, conditioning exercises, and sport-specific drills tailored to meet the demands of the specific athletic activity.

The primary goal of sports-specific strength and conditioning is to enhance an athlete’s performance by improving their strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, and overall athleticism in a way that directly translates to their sport. The training programs are designed to replicate the movements, energy systems, and physical demands encountered during competition.

To achieve sport-specific training, strength and conditioning coaches work closely with athletes to identify the key physical components required for success in their sport. They analyse the specific
movements, biomechanics, and physiological demands involved, and then design training regimens that target those areas.

Sports-specific strength and conditioning programs may include a variety of exercises such as weightlifting, plyometrics, agility drills, speed training, cardiovascular conditioning, and sportspecific skill development. The training is often periodised, meaning it is organised into different
phases throughout the year to optimise performance at specific times, such as during preseason, competition, or recovery periods.

By focusing on the unique requirements of a particular sport, sports specific strength and conditioning aims to improve an athlete’s performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and enhance their overall physical capabilities, allowing them to excel in their chosen sport.


Why should runners implement S & C into their training plan?
Strength and conditioning is crucial for runners for the following reasons:


Strength and conditioning is imperative for football players due to the unique physical demands of the sport:


Strength and conditioning is incredibly important for cyclists and should make up a key role of their training plan.


Rugby is a physically taxing game and can be brutal on the body. Here is why S & C should be implemented into every platers training regime:

Mixed Martial Arts & Combat

Strength and conditioning is incredibly beneficial for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and other combat sports due to the unique physical demands and requirements of these sports. Below are numerous reasons why.


Strength and Conditioning is a valuable addition to a cricketer’s training plan and may help them improve their game by improving many factors involved in their individual performance. 


A well-designed strength and conditioning plan can be highly beneficial to a tennis player in a number of ways:


Strength and conditioning can have a positive impact on a golfer’s game and help in getting to the 18th hole in the best way possible.


A well-structured strength and conditioning program can significantly improve a rower’s performance in several ways:

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