Brum Run Club

We are an inclusive and friendly running crew which strives to help all levels of runner improve their running.

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How The Run Works

We meet every Wednesday at 6pm for a 5km throwdown from the Achieve Performance HQ in Moseley located at the Achieve Functional Fitness Gym.

The goal is to complete 2 x 2.5km loops. Those whom are new to running may only complete 1 x loop if they wish to do so until they are ready for the 5km throwdown. 

Those completing the 5km throwdown will have their times recorded in order for them to track progress and improve week in and week out. 

The run will be followed by some catch ups with Coach Brendan and friends as well as some refreshments.

All are welcome as well as your fury friends. 

Please follow us on instagram in order to sign up to our weekly run’s by clicking on the google forms link.